Main Beneficiary's statement

We want to see as many people as possible enjoying a better quality of life. We believe coal can make a meaningful contribution to a sustainable future, and we need to shift perception and awareness of coal’s potential.
Andrey Melnichenko SUEK’s Main Beneficiary

Many people are calling for green technologies and green investment. At the same time, they want to heat and light their houses, and purify and desalinate their water. Technological progress is far from universal. Even today, more people die from inhaling pollutants while cooking on open fires than from pollution caused by traffic and industries. To properly satisfy their basic needs, people need an efficient power source – one which is sustainable as well as scalable and affordable.

I am sure that coal has not yet exhausted its opportunities and that, in combination with other solutions, it will play a significant role in achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). As the basic source of power, carbon reagents for steel production and heat, and ash for cement making, coal can drive industrialisation in developing regions. Co-generation of heat and power, bringing the efficiency of coal-fired power plants to 70%, is a viable option for regions in need of seasonal heating. Electric cars with advanced batteries powered by HELE (high efficiency low emissions) coal-fired plants can make cities cleaner at a reasonable price.

Sustainable and affordable energy can help achieve the following SDGs:

As well as providing employment, coal powers industrialisation.

Electricity makes food production and storage more efficient.

Electricity helps to deliver and purify water, power hospitals, and generate heat for cooking.

Stable power supply ensures light and warmth in classrooms, as well as access to computer technology and the internet.

Affordable power supply is key to industry and infrastructure development.